Class Error

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Class Error
superclass ::xoexception::Throwable,
Error is the base class for all errors in 
 xoexception. An error can be thrown using "error":

 error [ ::xoexception::Error new "Some message" ]

 Error is not a subclass of Exception. This is to
 allow a different error handling mechanism for Errors.

 An Error represents a major problem in the code, that
 cannot be handled by the application. The error handling
 code should alert the user in some fasion that the error
 has occured and may ask the user for a course of action to 
NameDefault ValueClassComment
message    ::xoexception::Throwable
 The message that is carried with the Throwable.
trace    ::xoexception::Throwable
 The stack trace that was recorded when the Throwable was created
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