Class WebTestRunner

Class WebTestRunner
superclass ::xounit::TestResultsWebFormatter,::xounit::TestRunner,
TestRunner that has the ability to write results
 in a format viewable via the web.
NameDefault ValueClassComment
apiDoc  http://xotcllib.sourceforge.net/xodoc/  ::xounit::TestResultsWebFormatter
 url to API documentation
location    ::xounit::TestResultsWebFormatter
 location to write html file to
results  ""  ::xounit::TestRunner
 a list of results from tests that have been run from this test runner
styleSheet  style.css  ::xounit::TestResultsWebFormatter
 CSS stylesheet to use in html file
textFormatter    ::xounit::TestResultsWebFormatter
 text formatter to use
title    ::xounit::TestResultsWebFormatter
 title to use in html file
url    ::xounit::TestResultsWebFormatter
 url to more project information
webPath    ::xounit::TestResultsWebFormatter
 url where html file will be served
Methods from ::xounit::TestResultsWebFormatter
barGraph, cleanUpData, cleanUpLink, formatClassMethodsInError, formatObjectClassMethodLine, formatResults, formatWebResults, init, makeClassLink, makeClassMethodLink, organizeResults, passed, printError, printFailure, printPass, printPasses, printResult, printSubResult, rssItem, testSummary, writeWebResults,
Methods from ::xounit::TestRunner
findAllTestClasses, passed, runATest, runAllTests, runTests,
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#, ., ?, ?code, ?methods, ?object, abstract, copy, coverageFilter, defaultmethod, extractConfigureArg, filterappend, garbageCollect, get#, getClean#, hasclass, init, methodTag, mixinappend, move, profileFilter, self, setParameterDefaults, shell, tclcmd, traceFilter,