::xox (xox API)

Namespace ::xox

Class Summary
AutoLoadSuperClass  Mixin class that automatically loads the package that contains the superclass if that package exists
ClassWithFlags  An instance of ::xox::ParseArgs that can be used as a superclass
Debugging  Mixin that provides the debug method
Environment  Please describe the class Environment here
GarbageCollector  A very naive and very primitive garbage collector for XOTcl
GenerateVariable  Generates new variables that can be used as temporary variables that will not conflict with any other variables
HigherOrderTcl  Higher order Tcl is a collection of functions (not procedures)
LogCritical  The logging level for critical errors
LogDebug  The logging level for debugging messages
LogError  The logging level for errors
LogInfo  The logging level for information messages
LogNotice  The logging level for notices
LogWarn  The logging level for warnings
Logging  Mixin that gives classes access to the logging facility via my log $level $message
LoggingLevel  The subclasses of LoggingLevel determine the color of the logging message
Node  Nodes are arranged in a tree structure
ObjectGraph  ObjectGraph is a library of utility procedures that assist in working with object-graphs and class-trees
Package  Package represents information about tcl packages
ParseArgs  ParseArgs is a meta-class that allows its instances to quickly add flags and parse command line arguments
Reload  Reload is a mixin that can be added to Class to allow Classes to be redefined without destroying object-class relationships
SimpleXmlNodeWriter  SimpleXmlNodeWriter writes a simpler form of XML than does XmlNodeWriter
XmlNodeReader  XmlNodeReader is a library of methods that will convert specially built XML into a tree of ::xox::Node objects
XmlNodeWriter  Library of methods to write XML from a tree of ::xox::Nodes
XmlReader  A library of methods that are useful when working with tDOM